Russi Mody Images 01Bhubaneswar, 19 May 2014: Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UCCI) paid tributes to Russi Mody, the Steel Man of India and former Chairman and Managing Director of Tata Steel, who passed away recently.

A condolence meeting was organised by the Chamber on Monday, at its conference hall, wherein officials and members of UCCI recalled various life stories on Russi and paid homage to his departed soul.

Mr. S. Jagdev, Vice-President (Industry), UCCI, presided over the meeting and narrated Mr. Russi Mody as one of the pioneers of industrial revolution in the country. “His contribution to Tata, and even to the industry, in general, was immense. Mr. Mody created many great industrial systems and practices which were earlier not known in the country”, Mr. Jagdev added.

Mr. Binod Dash, Vice-President, UCCI, recalled the days when Mr. Mody was invited to address the members of the Chamber. “He was a charismatic personality and had every element of a good corporate manager and a great human being. His association with Odisha shall always be remembered”, he said.

Mr. P. K. Das, Past-President, UCCI, narrated different stories from his direct encounter with Mr. Russi. “He was a great businessman inside the office and a greatest friend ever we had once he comes out of the office. He had got a great skill of understanding people just by interacting with them.” narrates Mr. Das who had got selected in Tata as a graduate engineer trainee by Mr. Mody.

“Mr. Russi was an amazing personality. He was very social and always appreciate his workers in social gatherings. He was very passionate about playing piano. I have not seen people with such level of enthusiasm and energy like him”, laments Mr. Das.

Mr. Ujjal Chatterjee, General Manager, Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. narrated Mr. Russi Mody as an unparallel leader of Indian industry. “He was so good at man management. He was a visionary. He knew how to maintain balance between business and relationship.” His love for fellowmen was undoubted. “But he had never hesitated in taking ruthless decisions when it was necessary for the organisation”, said Mr. Chatterjee.

Mr. M.V. Rao, Past-President UCCI, also spoke on the occasion and cited Russi as a dynamic business leader of the country who made many outstanding contributions to India Inc. during his tenure at Tata Steel. “His relationship with his fellowmen was stronger than steel”, Mr. Rao narrated.

Among others Mr. R. N. Panigrahi, Treasurer; Mr. P. K. Mohanty, Joint Treasurer; Mr. Nilambar Rath, Co-Chairman, Media and PR Committee, UCCI, were present over the meeting. The members observed one minute silence to pay homage to the soul. The Chamber also sent a condolence message to Tata Steel which was read out by the Vice-President Mr. Jagdev. A brief video on the heavenly departure of Russi was played at the end.

Mr. Russi Mody, the former Chairman and Managing Director of Tata Steel and former Joint Managing Director of Indian Airlines and Air India, passed away at Kolkata on 16 May 2014. He was 96.

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