DSC_4119Bhubaneswar, 25.02.2014: “Agriculture is 5 times not profitable to its nearest sector. For every 100 rupees the country earns, Rs 18.10 goes to the population engaged in agricultural sector where 52 persons divide resulting in Rs 0.52 per person on an average which is 5 times less than the service sector” said Mr. R. S. Gopalan, Director of Agriculture & Food Processing, Odisha, comparing the shares of Agricultural population to its contemporary’s service and manufacturing sectors.

In a seminar on “Technology Implementation in Agriculture & Food Processing & Fish Production” organized by ‘Agro & Food Processing Committee’ of Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UCCI) here on Tuesday; Mr. Gopalan talking on various issues plaguing agriculture said, “the share of population engaged in agriculture is 52% of the country’s population which is much higher as compared to population in Service and Manufacturing sectors, together amounting to 48%. Inspite of this, the share of the agricultural population in national GDP is 18.1% followed by service sector with 26.3% and manufacturing sector with 55.6%.”

Mr. P. Krishna Mohan, Director, Fisheries Dept., Govt of Odisha, who was also a part of the panel talked about the inefficiency of our ports which in turn affects fishing and the marine exports. In his address he said, “The government has drafted policies for fishing which are of great help to the people. It provides subsidies worth of Rs 2.5 lakhs to set up an aqua shop. The interest rates have also been reduced to 4% for short term loans with principal amount of Rs 3,00,000.”

The seminar was of two sessions. While the first session was being generic, the second one was a technical session on mechanization of agriculture. Mr. Prabhakar Rout, Member, E.C. and Chairman, Forest & Environment Committee welcomed the guests to the dais. Both the sessions were chaired by Mr. S. Acharya, Chairman, Aquaculture, Food Processing & Agriculture Committee. He also delivered the key note.

Other luminaries like Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Chadha, Director of Horticulture, Govt. of Odisha, Dr. H. S. Singh, Head, Central Horticultural Experiment Station, Dr. Md Khalid Khan, DEAN, College of Agricultural & Engineering Technology, OUAT, Mr Om Kar, Managing Director, Agro Promotion and Investment Corporation Ltd., Govt. of Odisha and Dr. Swati Mishra from MITS School of Biotechnology made technical presentations on the topic and put forward their views.

While Mr. Debabrata Dash, Secretary, UCCI presented the vote of thanks in the first session, Mr. Rajen Padhi, Chairman, International Trade Committee, UCCI did the same for the second.

The seminar was a part of the National level Exhibition-cum-Seminars, titled “Odisha Moves Forward”. organised on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Chamber.

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