Mr. Nilambar Rath, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, OdishaLive, speaks at the closing ceremony of IT Expo 2013, organised by Information Technology Association of Odisha (ITAO)

Nilambar Rath – Founder & Editor-in-Chief, OdishaLive – speaks at the Closing Ceremony of IT Expo 2013Info: Information Technology Association of Orissa (ITAO) — is a non-profitable and a registered organisation vide no.: 21400/204 of 2001-2002 under IGR, (Govt. of Orissa, India) committed for the growth of IT Industry in Orissa. ITAO was born in 1998 with a view of uniting IT related people of the state, covering both professionals and business sector. The cardinal objective is to provide a common platform for mobilising the IT resources of the State and utilise the same for generating awareness and employment in the State.ITAO which was formed with a view to create IT awareness among the people of Orissa has been successful in achieving that through IT awareness programs, Product presentations, Quiz, Technical seminars and hi-tech exhibitions since 1998.

ITAO has over 100 members from all over the state of Orissa which constitute more than 75% market share of Orissa’s IT business. Since 1998 ITAO has organised eight IT-Expos with the help of Govt. of Orissa and IT corporate houses. The first IT-Expo was held at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar from 23th to 25th October 1998. The last IT-Expo was held at Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar from 26th to 30th of December 2008.

ITAO now gets wide recognisation even beyond the boundaries of Orissa. IT giants like INTEL, HP, CISCO Systems, LG, LENOVO, HCL and many others are proud sponsors for different IT EXPOs of ITAO. ITAO’s IT-Expos has been successful in changing the complete outlook towards computers and IT sector as a whole in Orissa. Its aim to enhance the IT users product knowledge as well identifying and using the products by users has been quite successful. The manufactures’ get an opportunity to display and generate awareness for their products which certainly build an better environment between the users and the products for a better future.

ITAO has become a nodal agency responsible for the growth and development of IT industry in the Orissa and has emerged as the most important IT forum in the Orissa. It has successfully created an ambience conducive to the growth of the industry and trade in this region. The Association is a non-profit organisation, playing a proactive role in the development of IT trade.

Exchange ideas and thoughts for a better tomorrow.
Protect the interests and rights of the members and IT Industry.
Negotiate with the statutory authorities collectively.
Encourage & spread IT awareness in Orissa.

The members in ITAO are interested an a long-term relationship based on long standing values and business ethics rather than short-term, high-volume relationship which has helped them ‘move that extra mile’ without much hurdles.

ITAO’s members sees Orissa as the future prospect of the IT world. Come join us and lets make our dream come true “ORISSA — THE IT ZONE OF EASTERN INDIA”.

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