Mr. Jugal Kishore Mohapatra, Chief Secretary of Odisha, speaking at the Day-2 event of ‘Invest Bhubaneswar’ — the 4th Odisha Symposium 2013. He spoke on the content of Policy and Framework.

Jugal Kishore Mohapatra – Chief Secretary Odisha – Full Speech – Invest Bhubaneswar 2013Bhubaneswar, 21 Dec 2013: The eventful second day of the Invest Bhubaneswar 4th Odisha Symposium was opened by Mr. Jugal Kishore Mohapatra, Chief Secretary of the State by lighting the ceremonial lamp here at Hotel Crown on Saturday. It also brought the Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Investors on the same table.

Inaugurating the occasion, Mr. Mohapatra spoke on the current policies of the state. “Policy paralysis is everywhere which somehow slows down investment process, but we have to overcome it. Promoting investment should be reckoned as national duty in order to ensure financial growth of the state”, he said.

IMG_1968Mr. Mohapatra appreciated the steps taken by the organisers of Invest Bhubaneswar to set Agriculture as one of the focus sectors this year. “As Odisha is an agro based state, the promotion of Agro and Food processing sector will benefit the farmers in return as they will share a part of the prosperity”, he added.

“The cabinet has approved the new ICT policy yesterday. This policy is dynamic and takes care of the lot of contextuality that has come up in the last 10 years. The new policy is farsighted taking the next five to ten years into consideration” he further added. He appreciated the initiatives of Invest Bhubaneswar to focus on a very relevant subject like Electronic Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing (ESDM).

Mr. Debasish Patnaik and Mr. Ayaskanta Mohanty, members Invest Bhubaneswar welcomed the guests and delegates of the day.

IMG_1990The first technical session of the day was on Electronic Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) which was chaired and moderated by Mr. Madhusudan Padhi, Secretary, Dept. of IT. Mr. Venkatesh Muruthappan, Vice President, Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA) emphasized on the need of getting into the sector as it is the high time to produce our own products in order to cut down expenditure on imports. Mr. Arindam Bhattacharyya enlightened the audience about the various new technologies coming up in the present day context and how we can cope up with the market.

In the titled ‘Policy Frame Work’ Mr. S. K. Kar, DGM, Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Odisha (IPICOL) put forward a presentation showing the current industrial scenario of the state. “Odisha is endowed with abundance of natural resources like land, water and minerals. Odisha has left behind states like Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in attracting investments in the year 2013, ranking us number one in the race.”

The second technical session was on ‘Agro and Food Processing’. The session was chaired by Mr. Sanjeev Chadda, Director, Horticulture and moderated by Mr. S. D. Mukharjee, Director, Bell Security Private Limited and former President of Indo American Chamber of Commerce. In the opening presentation, Mr. Pinaki Roychowdhury gave an overview about the current agricultural policy and scenario in the state.

Mr. Sanjeev Chadda in his speech said, stated some salient features of the new agricultural policy and said the future of farmers in Odisha is very bright considering the various subsidies provided by the government for some specific agronomical practices. Mr. S. K. Sarangi, Deputy Director, MSME, Govt of Odisha, Mr. Ashok Das, of Sankalp Televison, also shared their views on the topic.

AudienceThe most awaited moment of B2B interaction took place between the aspiring entrepreneurs and prospective investor. The exercise is scheduled to have the next level on Sunday to hatch future business opportunities. Investors and venture capitalists like Deepak Daitari, Anirudh Sahani, Arijit Bhattacharya, Anil Joshi and Arindam Dutta who were are an integral part of Invest Bhubaneswar ventilated their areas of focus before the audience and aspiring entrepreneurs just before the B2B session.

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