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Team OdishaLIVE Digital

Nilambar brings active industry experience in media & Communication and media management covering leading media houses and projects of regional and national level. He has diversified experience in all the key domains of media including Print, Electronic and New Media. Mr. Rath has also worked in various projects developing media strategies and delivering social and development communication. Nilambar Rath, former Editor of ‘ETV Odia News’ and News Coordinator, ETV Network, currently heads the Editorial Content and Productions and Projects at OdishaLIVE. Mr. Nilambar is a co-founder of Academy for Media Learning Private Limited. Well known for his digital media initiatives and innovative services in Odisha and outside, Mr. Nilambar established OdishaLIVE, the first web channel of Odisha in the year 2012.

An independent filmmaker and journalist Kapilas is known for his ideas and quality of writings. He has received national award for his film ‘Yatra Jeevan Jeevan Yatra’. He is the co-founder of ‘Bring Your Own Film Festival’ (BYOFF), Puri (India). Kapilas is a senior journalist and film critic and serving the media for more than 3 decades. He is an accredited freelance journalist under I & PR Dept., Govt. of Odisha. Kapilas has written and directed many award winning documentaries and directed a feature film for a leading film house. Kapilas is closely associated in the projects of OdishaLIVE covering Communication Strategy, AV Production, Documentary making and Consulting etc.

Apart from being on the Board as a Director of the company, Pranati chooses to lead the Production and Content Localization vertical of the company. It covers contemporary communication activities like video production, documentaries, translation, reviews, transcription, sub-titling, voiceover and e-learning etc. Pranati brings a diversified experience in the domain for more than a decade and is recognized as a strong hand in the industry. She is deeply involved in the area of web localization which has become the order of the day in the digital era. Pranati is a creative writer and her serious literary background and language orientation has made her stand out in crowd.

A creative director par-excellence Sudhakar brings diversified experience in the domain of media and creative communication covering more than 2 decades. Starting from Print to Outdoor media and paintings to digital restoration, he has got a vast experience and exposure in the sector. Over last one decade Mr. Sudhakar is being involved in many prestigious Govt. and Non-Governmental projects as a chief visualiser and consultant. Sudhakar is closely associated in the projects of OdishaLIVE covering Communication Strategy, Designing and Consulting etc.

Suresh is a new generation filmmaker. He is known for using technology for best expressing his ideas on the canvas of audio-visual media. The director of Odia feature film ‘One Way Traffic’ has produced and directed dozens of TV Commercials and promos. He has also directed number of animated films and other graphics projects independently. Suresh is closely associated in the front-end projects of OdishaLIVE covering AV Documentation, Documentary films, TV Commercial production and Consulting etc.

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