He was a Student of History Department of 81 batch and elected as president for the student union in Utkal University. Known for his intelligent and friendly behaviour, Tapan Kumar Chand was apple of the eye of teachers and peers. In 1983 he joined Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) as management trainee and then sky was the limit for him. He has proved himself as one of the best Managing Director among the public sectors in the country. Recently he has taken over the rein of NALCO, a Navaratna Public Sector Company of Govt. Of India as Chairman and Managing Director. We produce below brief excerpt of the interview with Tapan Kumar Chand by Manu Dash.

TK Chand - NALCO CMD - Profile PicWhat are your priorities after joining NALCO?

TKC: NALCO produces ‘alumina’ and ‘aluminium’ from its factories . You are aware that the market of metal products are in down trend around the globe. Now NALCO has reached in critical situation to make its presence in the map of world industries. The production capacity of NALCO, since 30 year has remained unchanged from the date of its inception. Hence it has become imperative to enhance the production of the company first. Besides, expansion in the country, NALCO has also planned to commission factories outside India.

NALCO happens to be the dream of Odia people. So it has become our bounden responsibility to see that we remain at the forefront while spending for the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

What are your plans to spend Rs. 5540 Cr. for the aluminium refinery?

TKC: We have taken up the work of installing an aluminium refinery of one million ton capacity at Damanjodi, Odisha. We have applied for necessary permissions to Odisha State Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). We are hopeful to receive permission by June or July 2016 so that we could initiate our work in Aug 2016.

Based on your long experience, what advice you would like to give to the young professionals of our Country?

NALCO CMD - TK Chand - PicTKC: Here, I would like to say that before speaking on  ‘Success’, we have to delve into the very word ‘Failure’. Success and failure are the end products of any project. We sincerely follow different styles of function for success of a plan. There are certain work styles in a given project and when we change those styles some success become imminent. For example, if you have failed in a project based on certain work style and we repeat the same work style then failure is bound to happen. Hence it is necessary to change the prevailing work style.

We all are aware about the popular adage: ‘Failure’ is the pillar of ‘Success’. What do we learn out of it? It teaches us about the reasons of the failures. So we have to brood over on the points for which we have failed and should take precautions not to repeat those styles.

A worker should enjoy his work to enable him to discharge his duty efficiently and diligently. Let me tell you one thing that the boy who does his maths of his own accord he secures 100% marks and the boy who is hounded by his family members every now and then he would only secure 50-60%.

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