• “A movie like ‘Agastya’ was never made in Odisha.”
  • “I will be the happiest man if nobody smokes on this Earth.”
  • “‘Buxi Jagabandhu’ is going to touch the heart of every Odia”

Bhubaneswar, 14th June, 2016 (OdishaLIVE Bureau): Odisha’s youth heartthrob and Ollywood’s Superstar, Anubhav Mohanty in an exclusive interview with OdishaLIVE has shared his experience of making his recently released movie, ‘Agastya’. The Cinestar is the lead character for the movie where a whole new version of Anubhav is displayed. Normally, Anubhav is seen as the lover boy of Ollywood with a pure golden aurora, however this movie gives him a tinge of the bad-boy gangsta slant which has made his fans fanatical.

There has been so much hearsay about the movie ‘Agastya’. It shows Anubhav in a very aggressive role. Youngsters like this new avatar.

So when asked about the freshness in the movie that adds to his acting career, Anubhav replied, “A movie like ‘Agastya’ was never made in Odisha.  It’s a completely new genre of Odia film to watch. And the role which I am playing comes from the name of great sage Agastya and the characterization is done based on Vishnu’s Narasingh Avatar. So I think it will give a different flavor and taste to all the Odia Cine lovers. And those people who do not even watch or appreciate Odia movies, if they watch it they are bound to say Wow! What an Odia movie we saw!”

“I am very sincere and serious for all my movies. I try to give my best output. My audience who has loved and adored me should not be unhappy but that does not mean that every time I am successful.  I have also seen the face of failure at certain points in my life. But In my film career, it’s very rare. It’s been 12 years in Odia Film Industry, but even today I remain nervous till the time the movie is released and the audience has given their reaction. I think the nervousness is good for me because once I become overconfident, it’s going to be hard to exist in the industry,” he said when asked what value Agastya will add to the screen career of Anubhav Mohanty.

Explaining about the accident that took place during the making of the movie, he said,” It was an unexpected thing that had happened. During the movie’s shoot, the entire team was excited for the huge project. There was a shot in the movie where I was standing at the edge of an iron funnel and a fire was arranged to complement the shot, however the flames blazed out of control and I had to jump a height of 15 feet. After few minutes I did get up and completed the shot but unfortunately a swelling had already started. I informed about the swelling only after the shot was complete because I didn’t want to ruin the energy of the crew that was working at that time. When a checkup was done it showed a hairline fracture. The very next day tons of wishes and blessing from my fans huddled up and boosted up my confidence to go back to shooting even though the doctor had recommended a weeks’ rest. And I went back to shoot a fighting scene without taking a single days’ break.”

The character Agastya is seen to be indulged in smoking.  The young mass following their star might get a wrong picture. Enlightening on the subject he accounted,” Personally, I am not a smoker. I don’t even like to smoke. If any of the movies require any smoking scenes in any movie it feels like ruining the whole day. Smoke is something that I can’t tolerate. I can’t say I hate smokers but yes I will be the happiest man if nobody smokes on this Earth.”

Asked about his opinion on digital media he responded that he considers digitalization as a revolution. Digitally, we are connected to the deepest and remotest areas or persons within fraction of seconds. It should be used in a proper and genuine way and should not be misused or mishandled.

Finally, speaking on his next blockbuster and historical movie ‘Buxi Jagabandhu’ he updated that the movie is going to be touching every Odia. Every Odia is going to apprehend the gravity and grandeur of its long gone past history. Through this movie the world will realize what ‘Paika Bidroha’ was and its importance in our freedom struggle.”

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    anubhav is khanti odia badshah in ollywood industries