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Bhubaneswar, 10th June, 2016 (OdishaLIVE Bureau) : “Everybody is talking about ‘skill’, today. But it is unfortunate that we don’t treat it with respect. In general, skill is treated as the job of labour class, in the state.” Mr. Subroto Bagchi has made this ‘High-Power Statement’ at state Capital on Friday, on his first public speech after taken over the mammoth role as the Chairman, Odisha Skill Development Authority, Govt. of Odisha.

Mr. Bagachi was the key attraction and keynote speaker at the state level seminar on ‘Contribution of Biju Patnaik for Technical Education in Odisha’ organized by Odisha Private Engineering Schools’ Association (OPESA). He narrated his experience of having deep interior tours in the state to understand the current status, issues and scope of skilling in Odisha. He made a powerful speech at the occasion and narrated many stories of hope in a vivid manner.

During his speech, Subroto focused on positive thinking and said, “Over the decades we have been saying ‘No’, ‘No’, ‘No’. We have to change our mind set and start confidently saying ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’.” He further said that out of his visit to over 60 technical and skill institutions in the state, he found only 3 institutions where the students could talk to him with proper eye contact. “If a trainee doesn’t have confidence no amount of skill can help him to find a proper placement,” he informed.

Mr. Subroto Bagchi shared the stories of many skill trainees and rural entrepreneurs whom he met at different geography during his extensive visit across the state. Be it the story of Surendra Sahoo of Jajpur, the loco-pilot Munitika or the 18 years old widow Anita, every story is inspiring and a case study of positive life. “I have met so many people and learnt so many stories that I can engage you throughout the day” – he got huge applause from the audience while quoting this. “I can write another four books to narrate those stories,” he added.

It seems Mr. Bagchi has deeply got into the job. “My life is no longer focused on ‘Mindtree’, ‘Urban’ or ‘English’. I am out and out into skill development with objectives to bring change in the rural sector,” he shared with the gathering.

50% of population of the country is women. Girls are at par with boys and should be promoted in all spheres of the society.”A girl has got every potential and passion to be skilled as any other boy. While quoting the example of the lady traffic constables guarding Bhubaneswar traffic he said that this smart ‘Girl Power’ is seen at no other place across the globe. He also cited the story of tribal girl Munitiga who is driving a locomotive from Bhubaneswar to Palasa. “I am moved by her story and look forward to meet her someday.”

July 15th is being celebrated as World Skill Day. Mr. Bagchi invited the stakeholders, especially, the technical institutions to invite girls of the neighborhood to visit the facilities and interact with the students and trainees. This can give those girls an exposure to the world of skills and motivate them to drive their dreams.

After his visit to different technical institutions and skill centers across the state, Mr. Bagchi, found that the overall picture is not greener. “We all have to work together to skill our youth and rural folk and facilitate them to pursue a respected livelihood,” he added. He advised all stakeholders of the domain to treat skilling as a very serious business and treat the trainees with support and standard. “If we don’t upgrade the facilities at our institutions how do we expect the employers from outside the state will value them?”he asked.

(With inputs from Satyabrata Padhi)

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  • Subas Chandra sahu 2 years ago

    Skill is with our rural odisha.It may be in agriculture or Horticulture,food preserving and processing, plumbing, smithy,carpenter, mechanics,cooking,painting, interior,software…..and so on.Subrat Bagchi is a person who can sell ice to Eskimos. Yes we should respect skill and skilled persons ,provide level field for their upgradation and replications in mission mode to transform to have skilled odisha.

  • Debiprasad Bagchi 2 years ago

    nobody can stop an idea whose time has come