• NRIs enjoying Live of Rath Yatra @ OdishaLIVE
  • Many foreign nationals are trailing the event 
  • Hundreds of comments are flooded online like ‘Jai Jagannath’, ‘Hari Bol’.
  • YouTube promoting the link in its LIVE Page

Bhubaneswar, 06th July, 2016 (OdishaLIVE Bureau): The world famous ‘Rath Yatra’ or Car Festival of Lord Jagannath at Puri has become today’s largest LIVE event of India. When number of regional and national television channels beaming the signal from this coastal city of Odisha, through different satellites and reaching out TV households, audience from all across the world are able to watch the event LIVE through web streaming.

‘OdishaLIVE, the first web channel network of Odisha and in its digital platform has become No. 1 in pulling audience to watch Rath Yatra LIVE on web. As per the statistics, thousands of NRIs and foreign nationals from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Iceland, Turkey, Greenland and Middle East are watching the celestial event at www.rathyatra.live and the YouTube channel of the network.

“We are providing clean feed along with commentary in Odia. Many audiences from different parts of the globe are asking for commentary in English which we are unable to provide this time,” said Shri Nilambar Rath, the Founder and Editor of the OdishaLIVE network. “However, we are overwhelmed with the response of the audience,” he added.

OdishaLIVE being India’s most popular Live Channel on Rath Yatra, today, YouTube has also placed it in its Live Page so that more and more people are getting connected with the event through this world’s largest social network platform on videos.

OdishaLIVE has made arrangements of multi-camera and high quality Live Feed from the Grand Road of Puri where the first phase of annual Car Festival has begun this morning. The channel will provide Live Streaming during all five key events of Rath Yatra like, Sri Gundicha, Bahuda, Suna Besha, Adhara Niti and Niladri Bije matching the schedule announced by Sri Jagannath Temple Adminstration.

Among other Indian television channels, Doordarshan, is also pumping the signal of its national channel through YouTube. However, the number of audience at OdishaLIVE has seen to be more than ten times greater than Doordarshan.

Many Indian audience residing in different parts of the World are able to trail to proceedings of world famous Rath Yatra through web media. Thousands are happily watching the video on their mobile phones. “Many audiences with foreign origin have also shown interest in watching this exceptional event and appreciating the diversity of Indian culture. This is one of the greatest experience we have in present Brand Odisha to the global audience,” remarked Shri Rath.

The audiences watching Rath Yatra online are also putting their comments and appreciating the webcast. One Mr. Dhira Das from Florida, USA said ‘Hari Bol’ while Mitesh Moria from Melbourne, Australia has commented ‘Amazing’. Similarly, many audience including Andrew Pomanistochko of Russia have said ‘Thank you’ to OdishaLIVE for bring such a great event to them.

Rath Yatra is one of India’s largest events which pulls more than 5 million visitors during the nine days long event. The visitors include many foreign tourists. Moreover, millions of audience worldwide trail the event through television and web broadcast. It is thus marked as a top priority event in the annual calendar of Odisha Tourism.

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