Balasore, 16th June 2016 (OdishaLIVE Bureau): In order to mitigate the traffic congestion and provide a hassle free movement to citizens of Balasore town, a ring road could be seen in the near future.

With the growing population and no space left for construction of roads, there is a requirement of viable solution. Balasore MP Rabindra Kumar Jena had apprised the Chief Minister about the need of a ring road around the city.

Further with the persuasion of Works Department, the CM has included the project in the state plan 2016-17 under ‘New Plan Schemes’ and a budgetary provision has been made.

“While the project appeared once as a dream will now become a reality. A budgetary provision has been made in this fiscal year and it would be done after a detailed project report is made,” said MP Jena.

As the city is age old, the roads are very compressed and controlling vehicle movement has become a daunting task giving rise to accidents and severe traffic congestion during peak hours.

With the town growing fast with various new institutions and establishments the road infrastructure is almost same for the last 30 years. With the railway lines crisscrossed within the town, the movement of vehicles is largely hindered and time consuming. The situation could become worse once more and more people from different places start commuting through the town after establishment of AIIMS Satellite Centre and the Government Medical College and hospital.

The proposed ring road would be in the outskirts of town between Nuniajodi and Chandipur along with the bank of river Budhabalanga. One end of the ring road touch NH another end touches the defense road.

Further a proposal for two over bridges, one from ITI Square to Fandi Square and another from Fandi square to Cinema square.

“There is an urgent requirement for a ring road as well as over bridges to overcome the traffic congestion menace. They should be made before the problem becomes critical,” claimed most of the residents of this town.

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