• “Agastya presents all lead artist in new avatar.”
  • “We have introduced latest technology to make it Hollywood style movie.”
  • “We need to take initiative to bring back the crowd of  70’s and 80’s to Odia Cinema”

Bhubaneswar, 12th June, 2016: Celluloid revolutionary, talent and success combined, Akshay Parija is a producer of repute in the entire cine-world. His taste for exceptional movies has prompted him to make Agastya, released this Raja festival.  In an exclusive interview with OdishaLIVE, he reveals the development of this grand movie.

Mythologically, Agastya is a great sage who, deriving powers from extensive meditation drank an entire sea to save the gods from the clutches of the demons. Taking inspiration from similar such mythological tales of Agastya, the crux of the film is made in the context of modern society. Agastya’s character is being played by Ollywood superstar Anubhav Mohanty.

When asked about what is so new & unique about this movie that he had given the name Agastya, he replied that he was looking for a commercial storyline for the Raja Market which can be new, interesting & unusual for the audience. Any normal film making intends and aims at putting forward the artists in a new avatar. The movie is a multi-starrer saga. The cast of the movie is shown in very different images which was the motive in making this movie.

“While starting the movie it was already the mid of March and the actors had to perform in the scorching heat which shows their dedication and commitment towards the project. Secondly coming to the accident where Anubhav was trapped in a ball of fire was also quite worrisome. And thirdly, bringing all these top artists together and extracting out a different personality in them was also a challenging task. Everybody has given their best and will be seen a different role and personality and I will assume that it will be something really interesting for the audience of Odisha ,” he said being asked about the journey in creating this movie.

He also highlighted certain aspects of the production, quality and technology used in making the movie. He said, “Certain problem of Odia Cine Industry which everybody talks but we don’t have a solution to it is the crowd of 70’s & 80’s have put their back behind the cinema and they don’t come back to the hall. Every producer as of today, know that there is a particular segment of crowd that comes to the hall and they make the movies suitable to them. Now we need to take initiative to bring back the crowds from 70’s and 80’s and give them some quality productions. I hope lot of other producers will be coming forward and make appropriate wholesome entertainment for every era of audience.”

Talking about remaking the movie from the Kannada movie ‘Ugramm’ he said that every Odia should be proud that we have made a remake which is the first one in the line of remake of this movie in different spheres. Agastya is being followed by a remake in Telugu starring Prabhas, in Tamil starring Dhanush and in Hindi by Salman Khan.

Asked about the future endeavors of this year he replied that while starting a movie he is guided by two factors, one is creating employment options in Odisha and the other is giving out good quality movies to the audience of Odisha. “There should be a cascading effect which I try to create. It can only go up in the direction of revolution of Odia Cine Industry. I will continue to give good movies and many of them are on the verge of finishing,” he informed.

Akshaya Parija deemed media as the gods of promotion who creates the perpetual bridge between the public and the productions.

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