Bhubaneswar, 23rd May, 2016: The courageous Sahoo Couple, Mr. Pradeep Sahoo and Chetana Sahoo, from Banki, Odisha have successfully climbed the World’s Highest Peak ‘The Everest’ on 19th May, 2016 bringing a wave of pride and delight to the State.

The couple is Odissa’s First and India’s Second in the record to climb the supreme peak in duo. Bikash Kaushik and Sushma Kaushik of Haryana were the first couple of India to climb the Everest before the Odia pair.

The 45-year-old Pradeep and 43-year-old Chetana had tried twice earlier to climb to the peak but had failed due to unfavorable climate conditions and avalanches. This time confirmed them the awaited success. Along with the couple, Mr. Debaraj Dutt of West Bengal was the only other person reaching the summit. All the other 9 people failed to reach this time.

However, Chetana was gravely injured on the return journey back to base camp. She had to spend a night on the way and was rescued by the Serpas and Alpines. After that she was brought to No.2 camp from where she was brought back to base camp through a helicopter. Due to excess cold, Chetana’s two hands and heels have been affected by frostbite. She is being treated right now at EBS Hospital in Nepal.

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