Bhubaneswar, 22nd June, 2016 (OdishaLIVE Bureau): Millions around the globe practiced Yoga and celebrated the International Day of Yoga, students and teachers of 3 schools in Kalika joined in the celebration and learnt various asanas from the yoga gurus from Healthy Life Yoga. An initiative of Balasore MP, Rabindra Kumar Jena, the Yoga Day celebrations in Kalika witnessed participation of 200 students, teachers and health workers from the Hatigarh Primary School, Hatigarh Upper Primary School and Hatigarh High School.

Under the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) scheme of the Government of India, a major focus is on fostering healthy habits and promoting daily exercise. So when the world geared up to celebrate the Second International Day of Yoga, Mr. Jena decided to promote the ancient Indian discipline among the students, teachers and health workers in Kalika GP, which has been identified by him for development as an Adarsh Gram or Model Village. Accordingly, Subham Chirania and Utkarsha Bhardwaj from Swaniti Initiative approached Dr. Chittaranjan Sahu from Healthy Life Yoga, a prominent institute teaching Yoga in Balasore. Dr. Sahu assured full cooperation and support for this initiative and said that two yoga experts from his institute would lead the yoga day celebrations in Kalika. Gangadhar Das, the Sarpanch of Kalika said, “This initiative is important as a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and for becoming an Adarsh Gram, Kalika has to become a Swastha Gram.”

Furthermore, this initiative seeks to build on the momentum generated in the aftermath of the Classroom Canvas Project implemented across the schools in Kalika, where an arts and crafts workshop was conducted for the students and the classrooms painted with murals. Therefore, when the students came together to learn the asanas and pledged to practice yoga on a daily basis, it signified the next step in the plan to ensure holistic development of students. The yoga gurus emphasized on the benefits of practicing Yoga and post the session, many children expressed that they were feeling extremely fresh and they would love to practice yoga daily and also requested the gurus to come back and teach them more asanas.

“Ensuring a bright and healthy future for the residents is extremely important to realize the vision of an Adarsh Gram. Yoga has the power to introduce discipline and a new way of life. It was extremely heartening to see so many happy faces enthusiastically perform Yoga on this day”, said Subham Chirania, the coordinator of this project.

Expressing confidence that with the active cooperation of the panchayat and district and block officials, Kalika would become an Adarsh Gram, Mr. Jena added, “Investing in the future is the key to achieving the long term vision of a Shikshit, Saksham, Swastha and Samriddha Gram. For me, the idea of a model village is more about promoting and fostering the personal development of the villagers. Yoga is not only a healthy habit but also a science, which would result in physical and mental well-being. Therefore, the fact that students and teachers turned up to celebrate this occasion of Yoga Day gives me immense satisfaction.”

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