Cuttack, 12th June, 2016: The long awaited movie under Akshya Parija banner ‘Agastya’ was released, today, at Brundaban Talkies. The air was brimming with anticipation from both the crowd and the cast & crew. No doubt the movie is an enormous success.

A rally was organized from Badambadi till the Brundaban Talkies for the release. The crowds went gaga once Anubhav reached the premiere. A wave of crowd was pounding on the star and the rush was beyond compare. The fans of Anubhav were also wearing the ‘Agastya’ promotional bandanas showing their devotion towards their Superstar.

Before the premiere, the actors also acknowledged to their fans by going to the roof-top and waving to the crowd in gesture to boost their enthusiasm further.

The movie got a phenomenal response from the Ollywood audience. Even though, Anubhav usually has been at the top of the chartbuster and the audience typically flooded to the theaters for his films, however the response to this movie has been way past the usual.

At the premiere, Ollywood Superstar and the lead hero of the movie ‘Anubhav’ along with the lead actress Jhilik Bhatacharjee, Co-star Akash Dasnayak, Producer Akshaya Parija, Music Composer Premanand, Singer Anannya Sritam Nanda were few of the ollywood celebs present on the occasion.

Similarly, the Capital premiere was held at Stutee Hall at Sriya Swati Cine Complex where the actors made their presence again after the hectic release at Cuttack which boosted the promotion even further.

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