Dhauli-Kalinga Mahotsav

On the foot hill of Dhauli peace pagoda, Bhubaneswar (India)

Manipuri Dance  :  Bimbabati Devi &group , Kolkata

Bimbavati Devi is the daughter of renowned classical Manipuri dancers, Guru Bipin Singh and Smt. Kalavati Devi.  Besides dancing, she has also undergone training in pung (Manipuri mridang) playing and Thang Ta (Manipuri martial art). As a solo artiste and as a performing artiste of Manipuri Nartanalaya, one of the pioneer institutions of Manipuri. She has performed in various prestigious dance programmes and festivals of India and abroad. Besides being a classical dancer par excellence, Bimbavati is now engaged in contemporary choreographies based on Manipuri dance.

Devatmayee – The Soul of the Gods

The contemporary approach witnesses a renewal of interest in the tradition and research in its profound origins. As with knowledge, the more one delves, deeper becomes the mystery.

Our mythology has a rather beautiful concept of ‘Devatmayee – the soul of the gods’. Her identification is a matter of speculation – both Vedic and archaic. Her divinity is derived from the puranas as well as the local folklores.

Tranquility, radiance, endurance, abundance, time, devastation, unexpressed and expressed words – she is many, yet she is one. The balance shifts from one medium to another and the shapes differ perceptively. Devatmayee is about a woman’s journey through the meandering lanes and layers of self realization.

This production involves movements of classical Manipuri dance, Manipuri folk dance and movements of Thang-ta, the Manipuri martial art. The music is a harmonious blend of the indigenous Manipuri music, Manipuri NataSankirtana’s music and and hymns and chants from Vedas and Puranas.

Concept :Bimbavati Devi and SrijanChatterjee

Choreography and Direction  :Bimbavati Devi

Research, Script and Guidance :SrijanChatterjee

Music  :   N. Tiken Singh

Light :Uttiyo Jana

Dancers :  Artistes of Manipuri Nartanalaya

LavaniNrutya  Maharastra   :  Ms PramilaKautikraoSuryawanshi& Group,

Pramila is a leading artistes of Lavani, a folk  dance of Maharastra. She is also educated in Kathak and classical dance taught by Saralabai Nandurekar. She has participated and performed in different folk festival inside the country and her performance is widely acclaimed.

Lavani is a genre of music popular in Maharashtra. Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particularly performed to the beats of Dholki, a percussion instrument. Lavani is noted for its powerful rhythm.

Contemporary Martial Art   :  Janardhan Raj Urs & Group, Bangalore            

Janardhan Raj Urs is a highly promising and a versatile dancer. Years of rigorous training, dedicated approach and hard work have made Janardhan a dancer of repute. He has had intensive training in Kathak under Guru. Dr. Maya Rao, for several years & Contemporary Dance under Smt. Madhu Nataraj Kiran

At present he is the artistic director of the performing unit (Natya Stem dance Kampni.  He is also trained in Martial Arts like Thang Tha of Manipur, Kalaripayattu of Kerala & Ninjintsu from Japan under Sri. Sonar Chand, Sri. Ranjan Mularratt and Nikolaj . He has performed in National and international Dance festivals and travelled more than a decade with the kampni.

Item Synopsis – Nadanta

– The Infinite Dance of Fire and Ash

Nadanta is mixed media performance work, where dance interacts with visual & auditory design to recreate the cosmic dance of fire. The premise of this piece, is the concept of light and fire as intelligence, the soul, the mind and a collective consciousness.

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