Dhauli-Kalinga Mahotsav

On the foot hill of Dhauli peace pagoda, Bhubaneswar (India)

Aikatana : (A Confluence of Odissi Dance) :

Aikatana is a harmonious ensemble of expressional brilliances in Odissi. It’s a celebration of diversities within the tradition of Odissi. Eight groups, eight Gurus and eight styles are coming together to celebrate the spirit of oneness in Odissi.

Under the title of Aikatana, all major schools of Odissi are coming together and making a historical production which celebrates the grandeurs of Odissi.

In this production we represent the philosophy of numerical in India. Numbers are no mere mathematical units. Each number represents and signifies a concept and together they form a cosmic chain of ideas. From zero to infinity, the journey of life and universe go many a round. In Indian mythology there are many interpretations of numbers in a many a ways.

In Aikatana, we take Brahma as absolute void and he is the beginning of the beginning. From one Brahma and the union of Jiba and Parama we move three representing Trishakti- Mahakali,Ugratara and Dhumabati.

Four signifies the mythological division of time, the four ages- Satya, Tretaya, Dwapara and Kali. Five portrays the five senses; Pancha Indriya and six represented by six enemies- Shada Ripu. Seven goes for seven colours and eight talks about Shiva’s manifestation in eight forms; Ashta Shambhu. Nine contains Nava Rasa and coming to full circle we celebrate Dashabatara as unique representation of cosmic truth of evolution.

Concept – Guru Aruna Mohanty

Script – Shri Kedar Mishra

Choreography – Guru Aruna Mohanty & Guru Ratikanta Mohapatra


The performing group of Aikatana are :

Srjan                                               :           Ratikanta Mohapatra

Art Vision                                       :           Ileana Citaristi

Nupur                                             :           Niranjan Rout

Gunjan Dance Academy                :           Meera Das

Suravi                                             :           Pitambar Biswal

Utkal Sangeet Mohavidyalay         :           Lingaraj Pradhan

Orissa Dance Academy                 :           Aruna Mohanty    

Martial Art – Kalarippayattu       :           Belraj Soni and group, Mumbai


Belraj Soni is a differently accomplished and talented artist, demonstrator, trainer and organizer of traditional art forms of Kerala. He has been practicing the art of Kalaripayattu for more than 33 years. Started first vocational training under Late GURU C. S. MENON (UNNIGURUKKAL) Vallabhatta Kalari Sangham, Chavakkad. After a period of training session continued vocational training, body massaging course and advanced training in Kalaripayattu from Late C. VISWANATHAN Gurukkal Vallabhatta Kalari Academy, Malapuram. Currently he is Kalaripayattu Instructor at Somaiya Vidyavihar. He has been giving performances and conducting numerous workshops in India and abroad for last 30 years. Forthwith he is pursuing Classic Ayurveda under Swami Radhakrishna Chaithanya aka Swami Goraknath, Agasthya Siddha Vaidya Yoga Ashram, Ernakulam, Kerala He has been the founder and director of Navaneetham Cultural Trust, a prestigious non-profit organization aimed at promoting the traditional art forms, from past 20 years, which is primarily based in Kerala.

Kalarippayattu is the age-old physical cum-martial art of Kerala. There is no other ancient martial practice in the country to compete with its training system and application techniques, compiled by the Great Gurus or Masters of the land. Kalarippayattu is a rare combination of martial training, physical culture, self- defence practice and physiotherapic treatment. It has a high reputation as an art with highly developed body language and expression.

Kalarippayattu lies in the principles and practices of Ayurveda, Dhanurveda and Yoga. The main elements of Kalaripayattu include training in physical culture, armed and unarmed combat, breath control, higher forms of meditation and specific classes of treatments.

In modern exercises, each and every organ is given workout separately. Concepts of Kalaripayattu is just opposite. Instead of seeing body as distinct units, Kalaripayattu integrates the human body as whole. It is a balancing mechanism that gives a straight path to keep both mind and body in equilibrium.

The holistic approach of Kalaripyattu has caught the attention of martial art practitioners and fitness enthusiasts in recent times. The Practice of Kalairpayattu has immense benefits spread across various levels. At the physical level: . It increases Flexibility and strength .Increases immunity and overall health. Makes the body fast and dynamic, and gets rid of laziness etc. At the Mind Level: . Improves concentration . Improves receptivity . Improves Patience .Improves self-discipline and self-awareness. Improves one’s ability to deal with stress and much more.

For more information can visit: www.orissadanceacademy.org



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