Stakeholders at Odisha Vikash Conclave 2016 have outlined the theme to and design the road map as a part of good governance and sustainable development.

For the last few years, Odisha has been one of the top performing states in India, in terms of sustained high economic growth, attracting business investment, political stability and in making progress on some of the human development indicators. However, the state has been consistently among the lowest performing states in areas of sustainable_development_partnershippoverty, malnutrition, maternal mortality, infant mortality, access to drinking water-sanitation etc among others. The urgency to step up the fight against poverty is validated by the Raghuram Rajan Committee (2015), which indexed Odisha as the most backward among all states in spite of acknowledging its stellar performance in several areas. The paradox of economic growth and persisting human poverty in the state, owes its roots to the massive historical burden of underdevelopment, years of negligence and repeated natural calamities that cause devastation every few years. Given the disproportionate and complex development burden, it requires the joint efforts of state, the private sector and the civil society-NGOs to bring in both efficiency and speed to improve the lives of people in Odisha.

Development has been the primary responsibility of the Government, supplemented by the NGOs. Businesses, the other significant sector has always played an indirect role in development by creating jobs and brining in products to make life better. However, the last few decades have seen unprecedented growth and wealth accumulation by businesses and businessmen alike. In India, the Companies Act-2013 and the National Voluntary Guidelines-2010 have laid a comprehensive mechanism of direct business engagement with development issues though CSR and other means.  Given the large and growing presence of businesses in Odisha (state has been the third largest FDI destination in India in 2014-15 after Maharashtra and Gujarat); CSR does offer tremendous opportunity for business to actively participate and complement Government’s efforts to address some of the long standing development issues.

Given the background, a round table on ‘Sustainable Development Partnership” has been proposed on 20th September 2016 at Bhubaneswar as part of the larger Odisha Development Conclave – 2016 to be held between 19th and 21st September in Bhubaneswar. The round table shall be organized jointly by Center for Youth and Development (CYSD) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Odisha Chapter with active support from Government of Odisha with the following key objectives:

Objectives of the Round Table:

  • To discuss and identify thrust areas of development of Odisha that calls for urgent actions;
  • To discuss current development initiatives by the Corporates in Odisha and the areas where multi-sectoral partnerships would maximize the impact;
  • To discuss the appropriate coordination framework to help multi-sectoral partnerships in the State;
  • To discuss the specific areas of development cooperation for the corporates and the NGOs to play leadership and anchor the partnership.

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