Exhibition of Paintings by Jyoti Ranjan Swain

Singing Love Secrets, 2016, 56x44cm, Ink and colour wash on Mill-Waste SheetBhubaneswar, 5th August, 2016: Amarushataka, the legendary hundred verses of the classical Sanskrit poet Amaru has, over the centuries, remained as a persuasive creative activity that lingers in the sublime spheres of literary, visual and performing arts. At Sutra Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, the celebration of Amarushataka marks a comprehensive multiple imaging of these three arts. While the chosen poems that are danced take cognizance of the literature and the performance, painter JyotiRanjan Swain’s eloquent graphic renderings dwell in the colourful recesses of human longings at Gallery KamaRia.

The Nayaka and Nayika of Amarushataka are charming, radiant, and deceitful but nevertheless are the undisputed icons of erotic love. These love images are metamorphosed into the innerscapes of the painter making life a celebration. The celebration of forms and colours spills over onto your being and inspires you to enjoy the aroma and intimacy of love.

As it happens with love making, it might enrapture you with a suddenness of overpowering intricacies art (1)of theme, form, colour and essence. Incidentally the name of the artist ‘JyotiRanjan’ implies two of the significant moods of love as well as
beauty. ‘Jyoti’ stands for brilliance and ‘Ranjan’ for the painterliness and seductiveness. The show at KamaRia promises you both the creative challenges.

Eros often results in cliché unless its persuasiveness is explored and made into an aesthetic allusion.
JyotiRanjan Swain crosses the limits of his own design chronicle and textures his aphorism with a keenly laid witticism. His painterly statement of love and eroticism is both epitome and ephemeral. It will undoubtedly entice you and take you on a search of the new love-height.

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