DSC_0921Cuttack, 25th Mar 2015: Celluloid revolutionary Akshay Parija is once again exploring challenging genres in Ollywood with his upcoming rajo release “Agastya”. The film saw an exclusive launch at Silver city Cuttack while unveiling its entire cast and crew. First time ever, Anubhav Mohanty and Akash Das Nayak, our two mainstream Ollywood superstars have joined hands to come out with this theatrical masterpiece.

“Agastya is named after the famous sage who was known for his tremendous control over his anger. This name and the character is inspired from him. This film, a romantic thriller, is an attempt to re-introduce fresh story and original script in Ollywood and break the trending stereotype of regional remakes”, said Akshay Parija

“Set in the tinge of the underworld, this film has a realistic treatment to it. My character is a bad boy from the underworld. As the film’s tagline says: Fear is the biggest burden but fearlessness is the biggest weapon, his story from how he falls in love to internal struggle and war with anger and how he evolves as a character is to watch out for”, says Anubhav Mohanty.  Indian Idol junior winner Ananya Sritam Nanda has also lent her voice to a romantic piece for the movie which is her first time ever in cinema.

With actress Jhilik in the lead, the film also boasts of screen stealing presence from veteran actors like Mihir Das, Priyanka Patnaik, Minaketan, Manoj Mishra, Munna Sethi, Salil Mishra. K. Murali Krishna is the director and the music is composed by Prem Anand. The Director of Photography, Mr. Pratap Rout is another important member of the crew who has worked extensively in regional and Bollywood cinemas and is the associate cameraman of the upcoming bollywood biopic on M.S Dhoni.

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