An endeavour to put Odisha on the international Plastic Industry Map

The plastics industry shapes the world we live in today — be it through industrial, technological or commodities. It is considered a sunrise industry, exhibiting a consistent growth rate. Keeping this scenario in mind, the Government of Odisha and North Odisha Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NOCCI) is organizing ‘Plast Future East 2014’, an International Exhibition & Conference on Plastics & Polymers between November 28 to 30 in Balasore.


The Indian plastics industry is expanding at a phenomenal pace. Major international companies from various sectors like automobiles, electronics, telecom, food processing, packing and healthcare have set up manufacturing bases in India. Therefore, demand for plastics is rapidly increasing.

The next two decades are expected to offer unprecedented opportunities to the country’s plastic industry. This would necessitate industry initiatives to foster investments, grow the market, upgrade quality standards, enhance global participation and encourage the country’s industry to adopt and adapt to world class technology and manufacturing practices. Despite instability in international prices of polymer materials, the plastic industry in the country has consolidated its performances by consuming about 5 million tonnes of polymers, as compared to Chinese consumption about 30 million tonnes this decade.

But the Indian plastics processing industry is highly fragmented and comprises 25,000 firms. Barring 10 to 15 per cent of these, which can be classified as medium-scale operations, all the units operate on a small scale. The top 100 players account for just 20% of the turnover. In fact, the unorganized sector accounts for more than 70% of the industry turnover. More than 95% of the firms in the industry are partnerships, proprietorships or private limited companies. Further, these small companies get significant advantage in taxes. These firms thus provide significant level of competition to organized sector companies, which are making losses. Organized sector companies thus need to build up significant brand image to survive against competition from the unorganized sector.


The industry is growing at the rate of 9% per annum in eastern India as against the national rate of 14%. The per capita consumption of plastics in the eastern region, consisting of the

states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam and other northeastern states, is 2.8 kg versus national average per capita consumption of 8 kg. This shows the tremendous growth potential in eastern region as per study by the All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA). “The region will also have strategic advantages in the near future as both upstream and downstream is coming up in the region coupled with lower labour cost and investor-friendly approach by most state governments of the region. The Assam Gas Cracker Project and Brahmaputra Cracker & Polymer Limited, along with the proposed petrochemical complex of the IOCL in the Paradip in Odisha, would prove to be the potential game-changers and in shifting the focus of plastic industry to eastern states of India and become the hub for future growth.”


The Indian Plastic Industry clearly has the potential to continue its fast growth. The per capita consumption of plastics in India is well below the world average, but it also reflects the many years of growth ahead, as the country’s economy continues to grow and upgrade the usage of products. Translating the expected growth rate into incremental demand, it is obvious that the country will remain one of the largest source of additional demand for almost all kinds of plastics. Over next five years, competition in the Indian plastic industry is expected to increase considerably as a result of global trends, which will become applicable to the liberalizing economy of the country. Nanotechnology is also an exciting technological advancement.


The Plast Future East 2014: International Exhibition & Conference on Plastics & Polymers is aimed at providing a prospective on how plastics industry should evolve to meet the future potential of plastics in India, believing that this industry will grow at a higher pace than before. Its objective is to give all its participants access to effective relationship marketing tools like:

  1. Connect with the plastics industry
  2. Reinforce position as a key market player
  3. Get your company involved in the event and meet and choose your future partners
  4. Organise your PR activities

Its mission is to provide a dynamic interactive platform to everyone who matters in the plastic industry across the globe — manufacturers, suppliers, innovators, technologists, consultants, investors, customers.

The exhibition will also showcase the latest technological developments in the field and offer a world of exciting global technological knowhow, consulting and joint venture opportunities. The focus will not only be on exploration, innovation, expansion and co-operation but also on promoting a progressive image of Indian plastic industry on a global platform. It will act as a catalyst and facilitator for buyers and sellers, bringing together the entire global plastic fraternity.

The first edition of the exhibition — Plast Future East 2014 — is set to provide considerable momentum to regional plastics players, who are expecting demand to swell in the runup

to these event. This exhibition is going to have tremendous impact on the region’s plastics producers, given that plastic products are heavily used in infrastructure projects, apart from packaging. Moreover, millions are going

to fly into the region, providing a strong boost to plastics consumption. In short, Plast Future East 2014 (PFE) is an exhibition and conference which will bring together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors in order to learn, network and capitalise on the business opportunities in plastic industry as a whole.


This three-day exhibition and strategic conference will unite specialists from design/manufacturing, brand owners from the packaging, automotive, medical and consumer goods sectors and those already involved in plastics recycling (waste management companies, local authorities, government and plastic collection, recycling and reuse companies) to conduct business and discuss the future of this industry.


A live event remains the best way to fulfill a multitude of business functions at one event, over a short time period, cost effectively. Whether you are new to the plastics market or an established player, PFE-2014 can provide you with the means to realise your specific marketing needs.

_ Generate fresh leads and new business.

_ Meet with existing customers and increase customer retention

_ Demonstrate your products and services in a live environment

_ Conduct face to face meetings with many potential customers in a short space of time

_ Keep abreast of your competitors

_ Build your company profile and raise your market share

_ Network with a captive audience of

industry professionals

_ Launch new products and services

_ Extend your exposure beyond the 3 expo days

_ Speak in one of the exhibitor seminar



Visiting PFE 2014 will allow you to

_ Network with top level exhibitors from a broad cross section of the industry

_ Meet with experts from the leading


_Discover ways to increase efficiency and boost profits

_ See product launches and the newest


_ Make new contacts

_ Identify new business opportunities

_ Learn from well-respected members of the industry and the key associations in the seminar and conference streams.


A broad cross section of the industry will be represented at the exhibition, including:

_ Plastic recycling machinery & equipment suppliers

_ Plastic material suppliers

_ Handling and logistics services

_ Plastic recyclers

_Waste management

_ Local Authorities

_ Pre-processors

_ Project management consultants

_ Recycling & waste management


PFE 2014 will host a conferences and exhibitor seminars. Aligning your brand with India’s leading organizers of plastic conferences, this year will see few conference streams at the event, a real draw for visitors for the exhibition. Marketed as the key element of the show, these conferences will get extra exposure before and during the event.


Sponsoring an event like PFE- 2014 gives you a fantastic opportunity to raise your profile in the plastics industry. Our sponsorship packages will distinguish your company as a major player and put your brand in front of thousands of top level industry professionals and decision makers.

For details, contact:

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Ganeswarpur Industrial Estate, Balasore-756019, Odisha, India

Phone: +91-6782-244273/74, Fax:- +91-6782-240287;




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