2-day conclave to mark the World Press Freedom Day on May 3

Bhubaneswar, 28thApril 2017(OdishaLIVE Bureau):In a time when democracy is finding new ground and people are finding even more outlet to vent their angst against the rule, the media seems to be at a crossroads of reportage and coverage material. Anything from a VVIP shopping list to a car crash has become Breaking News.

In view of this, a two day National Media Conclave is planned in the capital city of Bhubaneswar from 3-4 May 2017 involving  Media Practitioners, Professionals, Academics, Policy Makers, Bureaucrats, Researchers and Students to discuss on the explosion of Traditional and Social media impacting the society.The two day National Media Conclaves being organized by Institute of Media Studies (IMS), Bhubaneswar along with knowledge partner OdishaLIVE and outdoor partner Team Admark.

“The role of media in recent times has been a subject of livid debate and criticism. Often regarded as the fourth pillar of Democracy, the role of media cannot be wholly overlooked. Ideally the media is supposed to be socially responsible apart from discharging its regular missions and duties but the criticism has come in owing to the fact that unethical business practices have meddled in the media front and affected the framework of Indian democracy” mentioned Prof. Upendra Padhi, Convenor, National Media Conclave and the Director, IMS, Bhubaneswar.

With the advent of global players in Indian media, big corporate houses are posing a threat to independent voices and viewpoint. This has come at the cost of Indian media which was supposed to be an agent of social change through development programs aimed at the society’s marginalized and under privileged.

It is true that media has played a part in checking the government in its wrongdoings and has helped in open communication, a lot needs to be done yet. Media has a deep rooted responsibility in Indian democracy towards the socio-economic order of the masses.

“In context of the present times, a lot of work needs to be done to streamline the role of Media. It has to be kept in mind that Personal and Professional integrity does not fall prey to sensationalist tendencies. The freedom of press should not be misused to shape the vested interests of an influential class” said Nilambar Rath, Co-Convenor of National Media Conclave and the Founder Editor & CEO, OdishaLIVE. “The self regulation mechanism of the press must be made fool proof and most importantly community participation in media is a must for a country like India” he added.

The emergence of social and digital media has also provided lot of alternate sources and refined scope for people to grasp news, information, entertainment and gossip. A large audience of people tends to indulge in social media and falls prey to the whims of trolls and gossip mongers lurking on the social media platform leading to unrest and disturbance at times resulting in loss of life and property.

The distinguished guests of the conclave include well known personalities like

Prof. BP Sanjay

Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad

Sevanti Ninan

Editor, The Hoot

Santosh Bhartiya

Eminent Journalist

Dr. Achyuta Samanta

Founder, KIIT & KISS

Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

Editor, Sambad

Smt. Sashiprava Bindhani

State Information Commissioner

Shri Sampad Mohapatra

Chief Editor, Nitidina

The 2-day gathering would debate on the possible solutions to the problems caused by the various issues plaguing the media industry at large with additional objectives of redefining the Freedom of Press, Social responsibility of Media and to address issues pertaining to the boom of global media and its effects at large.

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