Bhubaneswar, 05 March 16: NASSCOM in association with Batoi hosted a conference titled “Cloud for Business Growth” on Friday.Introductory-talk-by-ak-rath-batoi at the eventCloud technology is by any measure the fastest emerging segment of the information technology industry. It has fundamentally changed the way businesses are consuming IT services. The ease of access is one of the many reasons why cloud computing has been embraced by SMEs and large enterprises. However, despite   rapid escalation of cloud service use, many organizations are still skeptical to adopt cloud-based services,   citing security and privacy concerns and operational challenges.

The conference focused to be an educational and networking event, was specially designed for organizations across various industries to explore critical cloud computing issues, connect with other executives in various stages of cloud computing projects and learn about the latest cloud computing solutions.

The conference on cloud computing was a first of its kind in the state of Odisha, where industry experts, business owners, academic researchers, IT professionals, system integrators and decision makers for IT implementation interacted on the same platform.

The conference started with the welcome address by Mr. Nirupam Chaudhuri, Regional Head – East, NASSCOM. This was followed by an introductory talk on “Cloud for Business – Challenges and Opportunities” by Mr. Ashwini Kumar Rath, Founder Director & CEO, Batoi. The session was very informative and interactive and had several valuable takeaways.

Further, the event witnessed a series of panel discussions that maximized the time and efforts of the attendees and provided them with the ideas and strategies truly capable of changing their business practices using the cloud. The panelists at the conference included senior professionals from the industry including Microsoft, GlobalSign, academic researchers and senior officials from the Government.Gathering of intelectuals during the event

When asked about Batoi, Mr. Ashwini Rath, said, “with significant rise in bandwidth availability in India and increasing penetration of internet beyond urban areas, cloud computing will play a cardinal role in Indian business and economy as an enabler in coming years.”

“While different cloud providers are having their own proprietary model of service delivery, Open Source nature of Batoi’s Framework and least learning curve involved will make people adopt cloud faster. Batoi Enterprise Apps Platform (EAP) will transform the way we create and use software”, Mr. Rath added.

More than 150 delegates participated in the conference. Other conference highlights included a freebie contest and a social media contest along with special offers from Batoi, Microsoft and GlobalSign.

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