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Dalit Woman of Odisha, Branded as Witch, brutally killed by mob – Case Study

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“This culture of labelling a dalit woman as a witch, disrobing her, abducting her from home, killing her mercilessly and throwing away her dead body is reflection of exploitation by the powerful people in the communit...

A family ruined by witch hunting – Case Study

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Triveni Chanda and Anand Chanda eked out their living by farming their 1 acre land and supplementing their income as daily labourers, in Gobar landia village in Ganjam district. Their elder daughter was already mar...

Give Someone a Bad Name then Go for The Kill! – Case Study

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 We have to carry emergency patients on shoulders for treatment to 15 km distance. Obviously sorcery murder and witch practice prevails rampantly in the area. My grandmother was 60 years old and was unable to walk and...

Beheaded for Nothing – Case Study

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According to noted Sarvodaya activist Dr. Biswajit Ray, unless the socio-economic conditions are improved in these backward areas these type of witch hunting will continue. There has to be more schools, hospital, clea...

Witch Branding in Odisha : The Context

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Background:   The widespread practice of witch-hunts in geographically and culturally separated societies (Europe, Africa, India, and New Guinea) since the 1960s has triggered interest in the anthropological and s...

ActionAid’s work on addressing the issue of Witch Branding in Odisha

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ActionAid is working on the issue of witch hunting nationally (MP, Rajasthan and so on) and internationally (African countries like Ghana). As part of our effort to address this issue of women’s rights violation du...

Salient Features of the existing Odisha Prevention of Witch Hunting Act, 2013

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The existing Legislation aims at prohibiting Witch-hunting and other similar practices thereto helping in tackling the evil consequences and in curbing crimes. The penal provisions of the proposed Legislation includes...

Findings & Recomendation on the case Studies on witch Hunting in Odisha

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  It is found that the majority of victims are women whose age is above 30 years at the time of occurrence of the incidence of witch branding and further violence on them. Land grabbing is also one of the m...

Son and daughter-in-law Killed Woman, Suspecting her to be Witch – Case Study

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In a spine chilling incident, Narahari Mohanta along with his wife hacked his mother to death with an axe suspecting her to be a witch. In Kelopasi village Chaturi Sahi in Mayurbhanj district under Khandabandha Pan...

Bad to Worse – Case Study

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Rimili Majhi, a 50 year old widow struggled to make ends meet after her husband passed away a decade age. Rimli, a resident of  Kerandi Jodi village under Patna police station in Keonjhar district  was childless and l...

From a Happy Family to now Orphans – Case Study

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A social worker Chittaranjan Sahoo said that this block is highly affected by the disease malaria. The drinking water here is also very contaminated with poor hygiene and no cleanliness, leading to various diseases in...

No place for misfits – Case Study

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Sixty families stay in the village of Betapani, most of them depend on the forest for their livelihood. The whole village is uneducated with neither a primary school nor a primary health centre nearby. The nearest pri...

BIPF Ideate 2015 with FICCI Odisha – on ‘Education for All’

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Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation (BIPF) - social arm of IMFA - organised 'Ideate 2015' in Partnership with FICCI, Odisha State. Theme of this year's seminar was 'Education for All'. For details visit:

Love thy neighbours! – Case Study

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In this remote rural area it is common for murder or physical bashing on suspicion of someone being a witch. Killing on suspicion of sorcery is also not uncommon. Only prevention, huge public awareness, modern medical...

Murdered for Malaria – Case Study

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A public awareness, health and education program is the only way to bring a change in this tribal, rural society. An elderly couple in their sixties was brutally murdered on suspicion of practicing sorcery, in Mayurb...

Give me Land; I will Give You a Bad Name – Case Study

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“A large number of similar incidents are common here. The tribals consider killing as bravery. Very few cases are reported. There has to be proper medical facilities and people should be made aware about common diseas...

Witch Hunting Spares None – Case Study

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While celebrating the birth of their third baby, little did the family of 25 year-old Mithila Munda and 34 year-old Kartik Munda know that in a fortnight their happy world will be shattered by the bane of witch huntin...

When Enough is Not Enough – Case Study

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Thirty-five year old Balli Murmu was labeled as a witch by the villagers. A resident of Bhanpur village, under Baisingha village in Mayurbhanj district, she was tortured day and night, she was also beaten in the villa...

Paid for Bad Health facilities & Superstitious Beliefs – Case Study

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The sad part is that a matriculation student was involved in witch hunting, an awareness programme should be held to break the superstition said Kapila Barik, teacher. Ratani Marandi, a 56 year-old widow, worked as a...

Three elderly Men Accused of Witchcraft, two Brutally Murdered – Case Study

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Layman Choudhury, a journalist said it’s not only awareness but also the financial state of these people needs to be improved. Without health, education, development and transport facilities we can’t overcome this nar...

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