Remembering Biju Patnaik through lens of Time
As a culmination of all the media and communication activities conceived and taken up by OdishaLIVE, on occasion of the birth centenary celebration of legendary leader Biju Patnaik, a mega ground event will be organized at Bhubaneswar. It includes five major communication activities like a Conclave; release of a bi-lingual book; launching of the digital platform and an exhibition showcasing rare photographs and art on Biju Babu.

Besides, a signature campaign will be conducted on 05 March 2016, on his 100th birthday, at the heart of city of Bhubaneswar to create awareness and connect the mass with the ‘mass-leader’ of the century!

There will be a conclave of luminaries from different walks of life to discuss and deliberate about Biju Patnaik; his vision in making and mapping out the future of modern Odisha. Reputed speakers will be invited from the fields of politics; bureaucracy; socio-economic and political scientists etc.

Bi-lingual Publication
OdishaLIVE will bring out a bi-lingual publication comprising of the biblio- grphy of Biju Patnaik; in-depth articles on his contribution as a harbinger of socio-economic growth of Odisha and recollection of memoirs by stalwarts of national repute.

This publication would be treated as a blue book to understand the visionary Indian leader.

Digital Platform
In spite of being a visionary leader in national and international arena and having immense contribution towards socio-economic policy making and administrative reforms, the legend is ignored in the digital media platform.

This web initiative would showcase on his life; vision and mission through articles; photographs and video.

Photo and Art Exhibition
There would be an exhibition of rare photographs pertaining to the life and achievements of Biju Patnaik. We shall also curate an Art exhibition on the legendary personality, on occasion of his centenary, to create awareness among the future generation.

Signature Campaign
OdishaLIVE would also conduct a signature campaign, in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, to commemorate the birth centenary of this legendary leader of Odisha in which people from different walks of life would put their signature on the scheduled board to mark respect to the leader.