About Shallu Jindal

Shallu Jindal is a New Delhi based multitalented, charismatic and accomplished personality of subtle substance and sophisticated style. She believes and excels in meaningful and wide ranging, ‘direct to the deserving’ social, charitable and welfare activity and is a philanthropist in her own right. This doe-eyed and slender beauty appreciates art, promotes culture and has worked relentlessly towards becoming arguably, one of the leading exponents of the great Indian classical dance of Kuchipudi.

Deeply religious, she is a devout believer that ‘destiny’ plays a distinct role in a person’s life. Shallu feels if she is herself destined and blessed, she must do all she can, in her own humble way, to tangibly help the not-so-privileged and the impoverished.

Born to one of the most respected, elite and renowned families of Punjab, Shallu is married to Naveen Jindal, leading steel baron, a Forbes celebrity, voted one of the best ten CEOs in India, towering young Member of Parliament and a sportsman of a high caliber, having represented India in Shooting and Polo.

Mother of two lovely and extremely talented children, Shallu juggles her time artfully to vigorously pursue her wide ranging interests, desires and hobbies while diligently bringing up her children and carefully administering her plush home with elan. Besides Indian classical dance, her interests encompass art & culture, interior design and decoration and social activism. Additionally, promoting the legacy of the National Flag amongst the masses, especially youth, as an abiding symbol of the country’s sovereignty, spirit and strength, (in tandem with her husband) is another of her pulsating interests.

Recently, as part of the delegation which was focusing on cancer awareness, she successfully scaled the highest summit of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

A Quote: At times symbolism can be a very powerful medium to convey ideas that would otherwise require an academic discourse. This I learnt when I took up Kuchipudi seriously, under the great exponents of the form Shri Raja Radha Reddy.

(Source: www.shallujindal.in)

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