Shree Jagannath Katha‘ – The Anecdotes of Lord Jagannath – is a series of talk in Hindi which is delivered by renowned Indian commentator and Jagannath Cult Expert Sri Ashok Pandey.

Upon the request of ‘OdishaLive’ ( – the First Web channel on Odisha – Sri Pandey has delivered the talk on different aspects of Sri Jagananth Culture with a focus on Ratha Yatra or the Car Festival of the Lord. The talk brings an appropriate blend of historical information and mythological anecdotes with a lot of devotion.

‘OdishaLive’ also attempts to answer a lot of queries generally being raised in the mind of millions of Hindu and non-Hindu devotees of the Lord and many more general public who keep interest on the ‘Jagannath Dham’, one of the four most auspicious destinations of Hindus in the World.

‘Shree Jagannath Katha’ was conceived and produced by ‘OdishaLive’ as a part of its series of video initiatives during ‘Ratha Yatra’ (Car Festival) 2013.

The series adds talk on key aspects like Sri Jagannath Culture, Sri Mandir, Mahodadhi, Snana Yatra, Akshaya Tritiya, Ratha Nirman, Gundicha Yatra, Pahandi, Ratha Marjana, Gajapati Maharaj, Sankaracharya of Govardhan Pith (Puri), Alarnath Darshan, Nav Kalebar, Bhakta Dasiaa, Bhakta Salabega, Besha, Mahaprasad, Koili Baikuntha etc.

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